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Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Emotional Intelligence refers to the capacity to blend thinking and feeling to make optimal and effective decisions. In essence, it’s being smarter with feelings.

Emotional intelligence is key to having a successful relationship with yourself and others. Numerous studies have linked emotional intelligence to critical life success factors, such as better effectiveness, relationships, wellbeing and quality of life.

The Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence breaks it down into 3 pursuits:

  • ✓ Know yourself: Be more aware, by clearly seeing what you feel and do.
  • ✓ Choose Yourself: Be more intentional, by doing what you mean to do.
  • ✓ Give Yourself: Be more purposeful, by doing it for a reason.

8 Measurable, Learnable Emotional Intelligence Skills

The Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence is designed to make emotional intelligence actionable – and not just a theoretical concept.

  1. ✓ Enhance Emotional Literacy: Accurately identifying and interpreting both simple and compound feelings.
  2. ✓ Recognize Patterns: Acknowledging frequently recurring reactions and behaviors.
  3. ✓ Apply Consequential Thinking: Evaluating the costs and benefits of your choices.
  4. ✓ Navigate Emotions: Assessing, harnessing, and transforming emotions as a strategic resource.
  5. ✓ Engage Intrinsic Motivation: Gaining energy from personal values & commitments vs. being driven by external forces.
  6. ✓ Exercise Optimism: Taking a proactive perspective of hope and possibility.
  7. ✓ Increase Empathy: Recognizing, connecting with, and appropriately responding to emotions.
  8. ✓ Pursue Noble Goals: Connecting your daily choices with your overarching sense of purpose.