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Unlocking Emotional Intelligence (UEQ)

The Unlocking EQ training is highly active, brain-based, and experiential. Using engaging experiences, well-designed materials, and remarkable facilitators, this course is a transformational learning process. It offers information on how to use Emotional intelligence in one’s everyday life to allow for a more conscious and empathetic existence.

Upon completing a questionnaire, one would then receive their Unlocking EQ Profile, which delivers clear feedback and an action plan for using EQ to achieve your goals. The Profile brings clarity to the why, what and how of practicing emotional intelligence: Where are you now? How can you leverage the skills of emotional intelligence to get you where you want to go? What does that process look like?

It offers actionable feedback on your emotional intelligence and how it is showing up in your life. The Profile helps begins with a snapshot of a person’s goals and current outcomes, then introduces EQ and the Six Seconds Model, and finally offers personalized feedback on how to leverage EQ to drive results.


  • ✓ Contextualizes EQ as a resource for four key performance areas: Effectiveness, Wellbeing, Quality of Life, and Relationships.
  • ✓ Frames EQ in easily understandable language – it’s about using your capabilities to improve results.
  • ✓ Recommends next steps and strategies based on the current scores of every competency.