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Wellness Services

Employee Wellness Programmes (EWP)

Employers may support and encourage their workers' physical, mental, and emotional health by implementing employee wellness programs. It is an all-encompassing strategy with an emphasis on enhancing general health, lowering stress levels, and fostering a supportive work environment.

Employee Wellness Programmes are designed to promote the health and wellbeing of employees. These programmes include a variety of services and activities, such as:

  • ✓ Anxiety
  • ✓ Depression
  • ✓ Stress
  • ✓ Trauma and PTSD
  • ✓ Mood Disorders
  • ✓ Divorce
  • ✓ Emotional Disturbance
  • ✓ Family Conflict
  • ✓ Bereavement
  • ✓ Coaching
  • ✓ Trauma debriefing
  • ✓ Social support

The EWP is a resource aimed at timely and confidentially identifying and resolving personal, work-related, and/or health concerns and challenges that impair an employee’s optimal performance. Assistance is offered through consultation, crises intervention, short-term counselling, referrals, educational workshops, and lifestyle management programmes.


  • ✓ It can help to lower health-related concerns for employees
  • ✓ Can help to ease stress in employees
  • ✓ It helps to reduce health-related costs.
  • ✓ Reduces absenteeism
  • ✓ EAP is not at all risky or costly so this would be another major benefit of EAPs
  • ✓ Retaining talent
  • ✓ Counselling services